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References and Relationships

I have been fortunate enough to work for several great companies over the course of my career. I learned important lessons from each company, and I made many important relationships along the way. A small sample of those relationships are reflected in the letters of reference below.

Some are former peers, others, executives at all levels. I am proud to say that I have worked with each of these people (as well as many others not represented here), and I thank them likewise for the lessons I learned, and the words they have shared with you, my future employer. As they will attest if you contact them in person, not one single word has been changed from the initial copy I received. They speak far more eloquently of my strengths and foibles than I.

Ex members of "The Team"

The team was organized around the programmers working with me at, and carrying forward through 18 months of backbreaking labor in the startup bit-mines. We were forced to break up into individuals during our engagement at AirWave Wireless when they reduced their staff in order to weather the economic downturn and the same downturn prevented another team hire.

Darrell Bishop - Programmer
Joe Arnold - Programmer

APC - Accenture - BellSouth

Martha Johnson - BellSouth Manager

Alliance Data Systems, Inc.

Rusty Bentley - Senior Applications Programmer

AirWave Wireless, Inc.

Paul Gray - VP of Engineering
Greg Murphy - Chief Operations Officer
Dan Dipasquo - Software Developer
Jeff Marowits - Product Manager

Tools, Inc.

Neil Mix - Director of Engineering
Michael Feldman (CEO) and Greg Cohen (Product Manager)

Mobile Engines, Inc.

John Uhran - President, Chief Operations Officer
Mark Rafter - Vice President, Engineering
Doug Martin - Chief Technology Officer
Karl Vontz - Business Development Rep.
Ravi Acharya - Vice President, Bank One (Customer Representative)

Julie Abdinoor - Vice President, Marketing
Barry Stiles - Vice President, Operations
Tim Hinkhouse - Chief Financial Officer

Texas Instruments (contract)

Bruce Amendt - Internet Development Manager

Hewlett Packard - High Performance Software Division

Danny Faught - Technical Lead