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wish you were here 07/22/2012
burn the flag [lyrics] 07/22/2012
calculatin down [lyrics] robot metal love 04/18/2012
programmed to scream bent [lyrics] robot metal love 04/18/2012
thanks for stopping by [lyrics] 04/18/2012
austin sun [lyrics] 04/18/2012
programmed to scream 2012 [lyrics] robot metal love 04/13/2012
strippers and blow [lyrics] robot metal love 02/20/2012
robot hands [lyrics] robot metal love 10/06/2011
summertime you [lyrics] 08/24/2011
silverback hands [lyrics] sounds of war 08/14/2011
prop me up [lyrics] starwisp take flight 07/02/2011
rumble [lyrics] chaos holding 06/16/2011
paper yoda [lyrics] chaos holding 06/15/2011
starbirth [lyrics] chaos holding 05/19/2011
column interrupted 1-01 chaos holding 05/11/2011
eyes in the mirror [lyrics] chaos holding 05/11/2011
column interrupted [lyrics] chaos holding 05/02/2011
snowflake [lyrics] chaos holding 04/28/2011
catalyst [lyrics] chaos holding 04/28/2011
begin a slow burn [lyrics] chaos holding 03/22/2011
dawn is breaking [lyrics] chaos holding 03/22/2011
memory of night [lyrics] chaos holding 03/01/2011
rock god [lyrics] chaos holding 02/22/2011
headphones [lyrics] chaos holding 02/15/2011
body over mind [lyrics] chaos holding 02/11/2011
glory [lyrics] lensflare dawn 11/23/2010
mockery [lyrics] lensflare dawn 10/31/2010
cindered [lyrics] lensflare dawn 10/31/2010
your icon is smiling redux lensflare dawn 10/13/2010
rattlebone coldsnap 10/13/2010
seasons change [lyrics] lensflare dawn 10/12/2010
your icon is smiling [lyrics] lensflare dawn 10/05/2010
this is a metal place [lyrics] lensflare dawn 09/28/2010
widening sky [lyrics] lensflare dawn 09/28/2010
darkened door [lyrics] lensflare dawn 09/12/2010
beautiful loser [lyrics] lensflare dawn 09/07/2010
running out of ramp [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/28/2010
steal my sleep [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/19/2010
another spade of dirt [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/10/2010
mountaintop [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/04/2010
we had a plan [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/04/2010
bullets in the hole [lyrics] lensflare dawn 08/04/2010
raygun spaceman [lyrics] lensflare dawn 06/22/2010
weighted liftoff lensflare dawn 06/19/2010
new camaro highway [lyrics] shivering tide 06/08/2010
virtually there [lyrics] shivering tide 06/08/2010
long ago [lyrics] shivering tide 06/08/2010
scrape [lyrics] shivering tide 06/08/2010
tore the sky [lyrics] shivering tide 05/15/2010
under water [lyrics] shivering tide 05/09/2010
hard rain coming [lyrics] shivering tide 05/09/2010
killing cold [lyrics] shivering tide 05/09/2010
full fathom five [lyrics] shivering tide 05/09/2010
four seasons [lyrics] fears consume me 03/07/2010
chaos holding fears consume me 12/12/2009
shaking in the gale transitions to form 11/14/2009
undone [lyrics] transitions to form 11/07/2009
among the rafters brainpan 10/10/2009
down the maw [lyrics] brainpan 10/03/2009
back to the asphalt walking disaster 09/29/2009
shadows interrupted walking disaster 09/29/2009
lazer eyes fears consume me 09/29/2009
at the bars fears consume me 09/28/2009
consumed by flies fears consume me 09/20/2009
stumbler [lyrics] brainpan 09/19/2009
a thousand songs [lyrics] coreward 09/12/2009
juggernaut [lyrics] coreward 09/12/2009
napalm never learns coreward 09/11/2009
404 [lyrics] brainpan 09/07/2009
live and learn [lyrics] brainpan 09/07/2009
sloughed [lyrics] brainpan 09/07/2009
nous volent [lyrics] coreward 09/06/2009
dusty road walking disaster 09/02/2009
turn to the sun walking disaster 09/02/2009
header proxy 08/25/2009
butcher knife brainpan 08/25/2009
cleanse [lyrics] brainpan 08/25/2009
fetid brainpan 08/25/2009
save yourself [lyrics] brainpan 08/25/2009
raising the samuel taking orion's belt 08/22/2009
distance is a weapon coreward 08/21/2009
camels and jack daniels walking disaster 08/11/2009
approach vector taking orion's belt 08/11/2009
the gesture taking orion's belt 08/11/2009
they left at night walking disaster 07/31/2009
fields of war [lyrics] coreward 07/25/2009
cascade of pink [lyrics] coreward 07/25/2009
lines still open [lyrics] coreward 07/25/2009
in a minor key [lyrics] coreward 07/25/2009
core [lyrics] coreward 07/25/2009
edge run zero [lyrics] neon bling 07/11/2009
arise [lyrics] beep once for yes 07/11/2009
sledge [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/11/2009
routing proxy 07/09/2009
threshold proxy 07/06/2009
the server running blues v2 [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/05/2009
anklet [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/05/2009
beneath the weight [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/05/2009
flickers [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/04/2009
the server running blues [lyrics] reaches bluff 07/03/2009
gnarled old tree [lyrics] reaches bluff 06/28/2009
wondering what it means reaches bluff 06/28/2009
fanfare's launch reaches bluff 06/07/2009
remains reaches bluff 06/07/2009
rescue mission reaches bluff 06/07/2009
crowded head reaches bluff 06/07/2009
through the woods [lyrics] julie's backyard 01/24/2009
ack request proxy 01/17/2009
experiment 38 structured noise 01/13/2009
comes the rain eponymous 01/12/2009
mesa [lyrics] titular 01/11/2009
connection established proxy 01/11/2009
icy tower [lyrics] titular 01/09/2009
the air out there titular 12/28/2008
deluge [lyrics] titular 12/28/2008
packet switching proxy 12/26/2008
authentication proxy 12/26/2008
latency proxy 12/16/2008
fault cascade proxy 12/15/2008
know how to die neon bling 12/09/2008
love scars neon bling 12/09/2008
freedom isn't free neon bling 12/09/2008
eyes aglow neon bling 12/09/2008
coffin nails neon bling 12/09/2008
metal minions 2.0 neon bling 12/09/2008
revenant neon bling 12/09/2008
who do you trust neon bling 12/09/2008
open line neon bling 12/09/2008
mirror throne neon bling 12/09/2008
begging the gods neon bling 12/09/2008
by the fire neon bling 12/09/2008
ochre proxy 11/30/2008
into the hive assault 11/30/2008
longing chain proxy 11/30/2008
horizon titular 11/30/2008
near horizon titular 11/30/2008
alien iceberg structured noise 11/30/2008
grinding the fallen structured noise 11/30/2008
light speed home/slow light home beep once for yes 11/30/2008
light speed home 1.0 structured noise 11/30/2008
ride titular 11/30/2008
rupture titular 11/30/2008
gilty eponymous 11/30/2008
indirect fire assault 11/29/2008
force multiplier assault 11/29/2008
in the cans eponymous 11/29/2008
parallax eponymous 11/16/2008
ulysses eponymous 11/09/2008
visibility proxy 11/09/2008
metal minions .8 beep once for yes 11/09/2008
overextended highway titular 10/18/2008
the sun only rises to set structured noise 10/16/2008
lead you out structured noise 10/16/2008
bloodied standard assault 10/15/2008
dropping the spike structured noise 10/15/2008
two point oh structured noise 10/15/2008
noise in chains structured noise 10/15/2008
off the top of my head acapella eponymous 10/15/2008
dreadnauts deploy assault 10/12/2008
halted assault 10/12/2008
oiled steel assault 10/12/2008
scouts assault 10/12/2008
shattered glass (squad down) assault 10/12/2008
finally free beep once for yes 10/12/2008
don't stop proxy 09/30/2008
run so free - experiment 28 eponymous 09/27/2008
behind closed eyes solos 09/25/2008
the shadows calling solos 09/25/2008
time is against me eponymous 08/18/2008
thoughts that think me (primitive) eponymous 07/14/2008
julies place 2 eponymous 07/06/2008
scarred and scattered 2 beep once for yes 06/09/2008
metal heart .001 beep once for yes 06/09/2008
circuitry sky beep once for yes 06/09/2008
a haze over distortion rock city solos 06/09/2008
digital samurai beep once for yes 05/03/2008
scarred and scattered beep once for yes 05/02/2008
metal minions (coming for me) beep once for yes 05/02/2008
event horizon 1.1 beep once for yes 05/02/2008
twist the knife music 1.0 solos 04/12/2008
life is so fine eponymous 04/11/2008
experiment 2 eponymous 04/11/2008
i can't remember eponymous 04/11/2008
programmed to scream eponymous 04/11/2008
open your eyes eponymous 04/11/2008
striking a match solos 04/01/2008
guitar 5 solos 03/26/2008
static eponymous 01/10/2008
something new eponymous 01/04/2008
hello my gal eponymous 11/17/2007
misfit man eponymous 09/24/2007
pink towel 1.1 07/06/2007
rusty heart 07/06/2007
fates last kiss 3.1 06/20/2007
near light speed solo ingve 06/17/2007
light speed is a bitch 02/16/2007
destiny unwinding (voicelive) 02/15/2007
heat death 02/15/2007
buried face down (voicelive acapella) 02/15/2007
mirror black eyes (voicelive) 02/15/2007
surges instrumental 02/15/2007
sawtooth horn instrumental 02/15/2007
a different life instrumental 02/14/2007