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I spent hours trying to figure out what to say on this central page, and at last, I decided that I would let my references speak for me. To that end, here are quotes from my letters of reference explaining how my coworkers and managers have seen me in the past.

"I was struck by the methodical approach that Jeff applied to everything that he did. He questioned our practices and really made me think when we discussed alternative solutions. Jeff played an active role in our process improvement efforts, and he eagerly studied books by Deming and Crosby to understand the fundamentals of the Quality movement that so few testers understand."
Danny Faught, former technical lead (HP), now proprietor of Tejas Consulting.

"Jeff is one of the most productive programmers that I have met in my 29-year career."
Bruce Amendt, former manager.

"In working with Jeff, I have seen him excel at analysis, design, and implementation of new systems in addition to debugging, streamlining, and reengineering existing ones. Jeff always attacks these various tasks with contagious enthusiasm. In addition, Jeff's character and integrity are outstanding. He is an asset to any team and I recommend him without reservation."
Darrell Bishop, former team member.

"Such enhanced communications enabled our company to make some notable changes at the then end of our busiest season which had materially positive affect on the results of our operations..."
Tim Hinkhouse, former CFO,

And in closing, my own words: I have significant experience with all phases of program development. I have specialized in the past in automated testing, project management, design patterns, object oriented programming, and relational database management. Moreover, I love to program.

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